Trenbolone Side Effects

Trenbolone Side Effects

Trenbolone is undoubtedly the most potent and powerful androgenic and anabolic steroid in the world.

Trenbolone is so powerful to the point that various health experts recommend against using it at all due to its harshness on the body.

However, despite the repeated warnings, people continue to take this harmful steroid. While steroid shouldn’t properly do any harm to the body if used in small dosage, most people tend to overuse it in a bid to increase the results.

Therefore, if you are an avid user of Trenbolone, keep in mind that it has some nasty side effects. Among the most prevalent issues are hair loss, a limp dick, tren cough and incessant coughing.

Side Effects of Trenbolone

If the side effects we mentioned above probably sound minor to you, the following are the more serious side effects of Trenbolone.

Oily Skin

One of the most common sides effects of Tren is extremely oily skin. Normally, your skin produces natural oils by itself, which prevent dampness and keep your hair from getting weak and dry.

However, Trenbolone overdrives your sebaceous glands, which causes them to create more oil than required. Consequently, your skin will start looking clammy and gross, and that also can result in some extreme skin inflammation.

Tren Rage

Everybody knows about roid rage. That kind of feeling that pushes you to want to punch anybody who stares at you wrong. Well, these sort of extreme anger is a lot more likely when you are taking this steroid, because your brain chemistry can be impacted by androgenic compounds, resulting in a sudden feeling of stress and anger.

Also, if you suddenly stop taking Tren, it can mess with your mind, which sometimes leads to depression and paranoia.

Extreme Baldness

Another ugly androgenic reaction is hair loss. Most users of Tren who have reported baldness as symptom were at a danger of losing their hair already. Therefore, if you have relatives who suffer from baldness, stay away from this drug. Trying to enhance your body is great, but unless you don’t mind rocking the bald look you should avoid.

As you can see Trenbolone side effects are very real and can be nasty. If you do decide to use this steroid please follow a sensible dosing protocol and stay safe.

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