Why competing bodybuilders use tan before posing on stage

Why competing bodybuilders use tan before posing on stage

In bodybuilding competitions, posing is compulsory because the rules state that all bodybuilders have to perform them. Every pose performed brings out different definition of the body shape. In most cases, competitors have to use tan before posing on stage so that they darken their skin because it is essential to ensure that all body parts are easily seen and the conditioning of the physique of the bodybuilders.

male bodybuilder being pianted with fake tan

On stage, the lights are very bright and therefore the need for application of tan so that one is visible otherwise a physique may get washed out. Artificial tanning is important to bodybuilders and that is why they look for professional help to apply spray tans. However, most often, they will attempt to tan the body on their own by use of store-bout products. Applying tan requires two coats. A coat the night before the posing and a coat just before heading to the stage. The practice of applying tan coats to the body helps in enhancing the colour and enables the body to shine.

Nowadays, bodybuilders use the latest spray tan available at competitions. The best thing about the tan is than one can apply their own preferred colour and it is done by professionals who are licensed to work at the competitions.

The process of applying tan usually takes between 30 minutes to one hour to apply, but this solely depends on the natural skin of the competitor. In the process of tanning, the following steps needs to be followed;

  • Exfoliating gently for a duration of 3 days prior to the posing competition.
  • Using water based scrub which is designed for spraying the tan.
  • During the day of spraying the tan, exfoliation should be done gently
  • Lotions and deodorants should not be applied before the tanning
  • After spraying the tan, activities should be avoided to prevent sweating

Basically, spray tanning has proved to be an efficient way for bodybuilders to get the bronzed glow they desire. The practice helps in improving the physical appearance while on stage. Muscle tanning is therefore a suitable practice for all bodybuilders and is very gentle on the skin. The practice offers a solution as far as presentation of the body shape is concerned.

There are a number of reasons for tanning. First of all, the lights normally used to illuminate the stage are very bright and are thus not the same as the natural light used in various homes. They are very bright and therefore wash the skin tone of bodybuilders during the posing competition. Judges easily evaluate the body conditioning of a person with a dark skin as compared to those with lighter skin complexion.

It is for this reason that body builders are recommended to undergo tanning. The practice makes the skin of bodybuilders to become darker and the judges are able to see the body physique conditioning more easily for accurate evaluation.

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