Potential dangers from using anabolic steroids

Potential dangers from using anabolic steroids

The use of anabolic steroids is not without a number of risks. The intake of these steroids has been associated to adverse health effects to some users. However, most of the negative effects of anabolic effects can be reversible as long as the user stops the intake. Nonetheless, some of the effects are permanent and cannot be reversed. The effects of abuse of anabolic steroids vary from men to women.

Some of the most common effects of the steroid in men include: infertility, an increased risk of contracting cancer of the prostate, acne and stomach pain among many others. On the other hand, the most common effects on women include deepening of the voice, disappearing of the breasts and severe acne among a wide variety of other adverse effects. Some of the potential dangers of using steroid are discussed below

Effect on the liver

Long term intake of steroids is always associated with the development of liver tumours.

Also, a rather rare condition known as peliosis hepatis has a chance of occurring. When this condition occurs, cysts that are filled with blood are formed inside the liver. The cysts, as well as the tumours, can burst, leading to internal bleeding. Infections when steroids are taken through injecting them into the body, there is a risk of infection especially when non-sterile needles are used. Also, many users have a habit of sharing the needs to inject the steroids into the body.

skull and cross bones danger sign

Additionally, some of the steroids in the market are illegally manufactured under un-sterile conditions. The risk of getting infections is thus a higher. Viral infections such as HIV and hepatitis are always passed through these ways. Bacterial infections can also cause swelling formation on injection sites.

Psychological disturbances

High dose intake of steroid poses a variety of psychological effects.

Among them is depression. Abuse of  winstrol steroids can have certain short term effects on the brain of the user. Mental problems associated with asteroids abuse include paranoid jealousy, unexplained irritability in users, delusions as well as impaired judgment. Changes in mood and behaviour may also occur in abusers.

Diminutive growth in young people

Anabolic steroids are responsible for the acceleration of growth in the bone.

Therefore, if adolescents who have not yet experienced the changes and growth associated with puberty misuse them, steroids may result in rash ageing of bones along with restricted growth.

High blood pressure

Intake of a high doses of steroids has a negative effect on blood pressure. This is caused by the sodium retaining property of many steroids. This in turn elevates the blood pressure. Steroids also cause retention of water which results to hypertension.

Long term effects on the heart

Research has proven that long term use of steroid makes the heart weak.

This effect may or may not be reversible. Abusers of steroids experience a dysfunction of the left ventricle. The ventricle is unable to relax and fill with blood in the contraction phase.

Physical effects

Abuse of steroid has different negative physical effect in men and in women. Women abusers may develop severe acne, swollen clitoris as well as hair loss among other adverse physical effects. On the other hand, men who abuse steroid may develop along with other effects, severe stomach pains, baldness and infertility.

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