Trenbolone Side Effects

Trenbolone Side Effects

Trenbolone is undoubtedly the most potent and powerful androgenic and anabolic steroid in the world.

Trenbolone is so powerful to the point that various health experts recommend against using it at all due to its harshness on the body.

However, despite the repeated warnings, people continue to take this harmful steroid. While steroid shouldn’t properly do any harm to the body if used in small dosage, most people tend to overuse it in a bid to increase the results.

Therefore, if you are an avid user of Trenbolone, keep in mind that it has some nasty side effects. Among the most prevalent issues are hair loss, a limp dick, tren cough and incessant coughing.

Side Effects of Trenbolone

If the side effects we mentioned above probably sound minor to you, the following are the more serious side effects of Trenbolone.

Oily Skin

One of the most common sides effects of Tren is extremely oily skin. Normally, your skin produces natural oils by itself, which prevent dampness and keep your hair from getting weak and dry.

However, Trenbolone overdrives your sebaceous glands, which causes them to create more oil than required. Consequently, your skin will start looking clammy and gross, and that also can result in some extreme skin inflammation.

Tren Rage

Everybody knows about roid rage. That kind of feeling that pushes you to want to punch anybody who stares at you wrong. Well, these sort of extreme anger is a lot more likely when you are taking this steroid, because your brain chemistry can be impacted by androgenic compounds, resulting in a sudden feeling of stress and anger.

Also, if you suddenly stop taking Tren, it can mess with your mind, which sometimes leads to depression and paranoia.

Extreme Baldness

Another ugly androgenic reaction is hair loss. Most users of Tren who have reported baldness as symptom were at a danger of losing their hair already. Therefore, if you have relatives who suffer from baldness, stay away from this drug. Trying to enhance your body is great, but unless you don’t mind rocking the bald look you should avoid.

As you can see Trenbolone side effects are very real and can be nasty. If you do decide to use this steroid please follow a sensible dosing protocol and stay safe.

Healthy Ways to Tan

Healthy Ways to Tan

If you are going to be like thousands of other people and, despite the many health and cancer risks proven to be associated with sun tanning, are going to continue to tan either summer after summer or even year round, then surely you are probably in search of healthy ways to tan.  There are abundant products on the market today for sun tanning and of course there is the traditional act of sunbathing in the direct UV rays of the sun to acquire a dark looking tanned body, but there are surely abundant health and safety risks that accompany each and every one of them.perfect-fake-tan

Sun tanning in the direct UV rays of the sun, as we all know, presents with serious risks and harm to the body.  Over exposure of your skin to UV rays of the sun will result in wrinkling skin, fine lines, skin spots and blotches and yes, even serious risks for skin cancers.  But despite all these risks, people still set out on their daily quest to acquire a deep dark tan by over exposing their bodies to the dangerous and harmful UV rays of the sun.  Makes no sense except for the fact that vanity surely plays a significant role in these situations.

There are also other techniques for sun tanning that are every bit as harmful as the UV rays of the sun including sun tanning lamps, and sun beds.  Each of these tanning techniques, though performed indoors and not with direct exposure to the sun, still utilize UV rays to create a desired tanned skin appearance over time.  The UV rays from the lamps and beds are truly every bit as dangerous as the sun’s UV rays and also present with risks of skin cancer.

fake-tanThen of course you have the many self-tanning creams and lotions.  The harmful effects of these products are minimal to none except for the fact that they are extremely messy and many times end up producing orange colored skin rather than a natural tanned look to the body.

An Effective and Healthy Way to Tan

With all of the above tanning techniques generating harm to the body and skin and in many cases presenting with risks for skin cancer, there is one proven healthy way to acquire that deep dark summer time tan, even year round.  This tanning solution involves the use of tanning tablets that have been proven through research to afford no harmful effects to consumers and in no way contribute to skin cancer like the majority of other tanning techniques have proven to do.

Rio Tanning Tablets are one of the, if not the most sought after, effective tanning tablets on the market today.  These tablets are all natural, contain no Beta Carotene or any other harmful ingredients and are proven to be both safe and effective.  In addition to being beneficial to sun tanning, they have also proven to be beneficial to users in other ways, including the fact that they aid in weight loss, they help produce healthier skin and hair and they even have been proven to aid in the treatment of Alzheimer’s.  With many positive benefits and no overwhelming side effects or negative results, surely one can understand why so many people opt to use tanning tablets rather than any other form of tanning technique.

If you are looking for one of the safest and most healthy ways to tan your body, then don’t waste a moment longer.  Visit us at today and order your supply of Rio Tanning Tablets now.  If a beautiful, natural, deep dark tan is what you are looking for and safety and health are important to you then our Rio Tanning Tablets are the ideal product for you.  Order yours today and start enjoying that healthy, sexy summer tan all year round.

Potential dangers from using anabolic steroids

Potential dangers from using anabolic steroids

The use of anabolic steroids is not without a number of risks. The intake of these steroids has been associated to adverse health effects to some users. However, most of the negative effects of anabolic effects can be reversible as long as the user stops the intake. Nonetheless, some of the effects are permanent and cannot be reversed. The effects of abuse of anabolic steroids vary from men to women.

Some of the most common effects of the steroid in men include: infertility, an increased risk of contracting cancer of the prostate, acne and stomach pain among many others. On the other hand, the most common effects on women include deepening of the voice, disappearing of the breasts and severe acne among a wide variety of other adverse effects. Some of the potential dangers of using steroid are discussed below

Effect on the liver

Long term intake of steroids is always associated with the development of liver tumours.

Also, a rather rare condition known as peliosis hepatis has a chance of occurring. When this condition occurs, cysts that are filled with blood are formed inside the liver. The cysts, as well as the tumours, can burst, leading to internal bleeding. Infections when steroids are taken through injecting them into the body, there is a risk of infection especially when non-sterile needles are used. Also, many users have a habit of sharing the needs to inject the steroids into the body.

skull and cross bones danger sign

Additionally, some of the steroids in the market are illegally manufactured under un-sterile conditions. The risk of getting infections is thus a higher. Viral infections such as HIV and hepatitis are always passed through these ways. Bacterial infections can also cause swelling formation on injection sites.

Psychological disturbances

High dose intake of steroid poses a variety of psychological effects.

Among them is depression. Abuse of  winstrol steroids can have certain short term effects on the brain of the user. Mental problems associated with asteroids abuse include paranoid jealousy, unexplained irritability in users, delusions as well as impaired judgment. Changes in mood and behaviour may also occur in abusers.

Diminutive growth in young people

Anabolic steroids are responsible for the acceleration of growth in the bone.

Therefore, if adolescents who have not yet experienced the changes and growth associated with puberty misuse them, steroids may result in rash ageing of bones along with restricted growth.

High blood pressure

Intake of a high doses of steroids has a negative effect on blood pressure. This is caused by the sodium retaining property of many steroids. This in turn elevates the blood pressure. Steroids also cause retention of water which results to hypertension.

Long term effects on the heart

Research has proven that long term use of steroid makes the heart weak.

This effect may or may not be reversible. Abusers of steroids experience a dysfunction of the left ventricle. The ventricle is unable to relax and fill with blood in the contraction phase.

Physical effects

Abuse of steroid has different negative physical effect in men and in women. Women abusers may develop severe acne, swollen clitoris as well as hair loss among other adverse physical effects. On the other hand, men who abuse steroid may develop along with other effects, severe stomach pains, baldness and infertility.

Why competing bodybuilders use tan before posing on stage

Why competing bodybuilders use tan before posing on stage

In bodybuilding competitions, posing is compulsory because the rules state that all bodybuilders have to perform them. Every pose performed brings out different definition of the body shape. In most cases, competitors have to use tan before posing on stage so that they darken their skin because it is essential to ensure that all body parts are easily seen and the conditioning of the physique of the bodybuilders.

male bodybuilder being pianted with fake tan

On stage, the lights are very bright and therefore the need for application of tan so that one is visible otherwise a physique may get washed out. Artificial tanning is important to bodybuilders and that is why they look for professional help to apply spray tans. However, most often, they will attempt to tan the body on their own by use of store-bout products. Applying tan requires two coats. A coat the night before the posing and a coat just before heading to the stage. The practice of applying tan coats to the body helps in enhancing the colour and enables the body to shine.

Nowadays, bodybuilders use the latest spray tan available at competitions. The best thing about the tan is than one can apply their own preferred colour and it is done by professionals who are licensed to work at the competitions.

The process of applying tan usually takes between 30 minutes to one hour to apply, but this solely depends on the natural skin of the competitor. In the process of tanning, the following steps needs to be followed;

  • Exfoliating gently for a duration of 3 days prior to the posing competition.
  • Using water based scrub which is designed for spraying the tan.
  • During the day of spraying the tan, exfoliation should be done gently
  • Lotions and deodorants should not be applied before the tanning
  • After spraying the tan, activities should be avoided to prevent sweating

Basically, spray tanning has proved to be an efficient way for bodybuilders to get the bronzed glow they desire. The practice helps in improving the physical appearance while on stage. Muscle tanning is therefore a suitable practice for all bodybuilders and is very gentle on the skin. The practice offers a solution as far as presentation of the body shape is concerned.

There are a number of reasons for tanning. First of all, the lights normally used to illuminate the stage are very bright and are thus not the same as the natural light used in various homes. They are very bright and therefore wash the skin tone of bodybuilders during the posing competition. Judges easily evaluate the body conditioning of a person with a dark skin as compared to those with lighter skin complexion.

It is for this reason that body builders are recommended to undergo tanning. The practice makes the skin of bodybuilders to become darker and the judges are able to see the body physique conditioning more easily for accurate evaluation.

For further reading on all matter tanning visit

How does creatine work and how effective is it?

How does creatine work and how effective is it?

Creatine is a popular supplement for sporting personalities and helps in gaining mass and strength. For instance, most athletes, power lifters, weightlifters and boxers use the supplement because of its effectiveness. The supplement increases strength, power of the muscles and the overall performance of the sports men as well as it helps in enhancing their health. Basically, creatine is a protein-like dietary supplement and is found in fish and meat naturally.

When consumed, it is synthesized in the body, more so in the liver where it produces three amino acids such as methionine, glycine and arginine. However, muscle tissues are not responsible for production of creatine, but they take up the supplement from the bloodstream. In the muscle tissues, creatine provides the cells with a high-energy phosphate, commonly referred to as creatine phosphate.

This molecule of high-energy is beneficial to the body muscles by donating adenosine triphosphat, and this is what is normally used by the body muscles for emission of a rapid energy necessary for muscles to contract during exercise. Studies have shown that when one uses supplements such as creatine, the content of muscles’ increases PCR by roughly 20%. When muscle cells have more PCr, there is more ATP produced rapidly which lead to gaining of strength, speed, power and muscle growth. According to research, creatine is very effective during high-intensity training and other activities that are explosive.

picture of creatine powder shaped into a bicep

Such activities include baseball, football and sprinting. However, there is little evidence which indicates whether creatine can improve the endurance of performance or other aerobic exercises. When an individual takes creatine, it is certain such an individual will gain weight. The process of gaining weight happens quickly. In the first week, one may gain between two to four pounds of weight.

Creatine is an active substance osmotically and therefore can pull water into the muscle, which helps in increasing the process of synthesizing proteins. There is a constant study on the effectiveness and safety of creatine by researchers and thus majority of trainers and health officers are supporting the usage of creatine. However, studies indicate that use of creatine is safe. This is because there is a lot of research going on about the supplement and none have reported that it is unsafe. On the other hand, people may experience complications such as cramps, but they are not that common.

There have been reports about kidney damages, dehydration, heart problems among other side effects when the supplement is taken in excess. Trainers and health experts recommend that if one can get big without supplements, then there is no need to use creatine. However, one feels better by using creatine because it increases the strength and mass of muscles. Therefore, sporty people should first weigh up the advantages and the negative side effects of creatine before they actually try it.

Individuals below the age of 18 years should not use the supplement since no studies have been carried out to ascertain its effectiveness on children.

How do anabolic steroids work?

How do anabolic steroids work?

Anabolic steroids commonly known as anabolic-androgenic steroids refer to certain drugs that resemble androgenic hormones. Many athletes and sports persons consume them in the hope of gaining enough weight, strength, aggressiveness and speed among other things. Anabolic steroids are at many times consumed by athletes involved in sports such as lifting weights, powerlifting, and many others. Anabolic steroids such as Tbol have gained popularity over the years although their effectiveness has been controversial.

barbel and steroid cartoon image

Most of the individuals who consume them acclaim of their high effectiveness and importance. There is, therefore, a need to understand how exactly anabolic steroids work and their effectiveness as well as the long term and short term effect on the body. Steroids were originally manufactured to treat hormonal treatments such as delayed puberty. They can also take care of illnesses which result in loss of muscle for example cancer and HIV.

Testosterone which is a male hormone is responsible for the tremendous growth and development of the body as well as the radical changes that occur in men during puberty. All male hormones have two effects, the anabolic, and the androgenic effects. Anabolic effects are accelerated growth of the bone, muscles as well as the red blood cells. Androgenic effects are mostly the secondary and primary sexual characteristics. Anabolic steroids are manufactured in a way that they enhance tissue growth or anabolic properties in the androgens. The steroids with the largest part potent anabolic effect are also those with the most androgenic effect. Anabolic steroids work in a process of stimulation of receptors within the cells of the muscle.

As the receptors of the muscle cell are stimulated, specific genes in the tissue are in turn activated. This effect is commonly known as the genomic effect, and the process of gene transcription is involved at this point. When an athlete consumes an anabolic steroid either orally or through injection, the steroid goes to the androgenic receptors that are located in the cells. As a result of this action, the receptor of the hormone is thus activated and sends a message to the DNA to make some specific proteins.

picture of bodybuilder jay cutler

The proteins produced by the DNA then travel throughout the body eliciting responses on the growth of muscles. While anabolism is the primary effect of steroids, they also elicit other objectionable and advantageous effects on the body. Despite the fact that the stimulus in the process of lifting weights or running is essential for the utmost development of the muscles, anabolic steroids have the ability to develop and build the muscle without such training. Anabolic steroids also increase the endurance and the aggressiveness of the user. The user can, therefore, train harder and for longer periods of time.

This, in turn, accelerates the recovery of the muscle. The user continues to make an improvement at a rate above average capacity. Since steroids are the testosterone hormone derivatives, the intake of such naturally reduces the secretion of the testosterone hormone in the body. On sensing the presence of anabolic steroids, the body stops the production of the testosterone. In the same way, failure to continue taking anabolic steroids makes the body produce the same hormone naturally once again. However, there is always a noteworthy holdup between the two proceedings. During this delay, users of steroids tend to lose size and strength rather rapidly.

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